Production center



In one of the network pharmacies (40 Dacia Av.), the production department of magistral formulas operates. It is necessarily equipped for the production of these prescriptions.

There are produced here, in aseptic conditions, exptemporal formulas, which are not industrially produced, but they are largely recommended by physicians and popular amongst patients.

There are produced and packed in the production department small series of magistral medicines and then they are delivered to Orient pharmacies (nasal, ophthalmic and auricular drops for grownups and children; solutions for external use, solutions and suspensions for internal use, mixtures, powder for internal and external use, ointments and liniments etc.). The pharmacies receive also prescriptions for the production of medicines according to the prescriptions of physicians.

The efficiency of magistral medicines have been shown in time; they have an affordable price and therefore, providing the pharmacies with them improves the life quality of patients.