About us  

The Joint Venture “Vinamex” Limited Liability Company operates on the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Moldova since and is one of the first distributors of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.

The JV “Vinamex” L.L.C. represents products from countries as Italy, Canada, Germany, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Vietnam, Jordan etc.



Since its foundation, JV “Vinamex” L.L.C. has developed and extended. Therefore, there were opened branches in Ukraine, Romania and Vietnam.

The registered address of the office and the warehouse have changed periodically, but the strategy and the policy of the company remained unchanged. The JV “Vinamex” L.L.C. established permanently and collaborates with the most known and the biggest producers of Europe, Asia and Northern America, which, in their turn, consider our company a real and trustful partner.

JV “Vinamex” L.L.C. tries constantly to attract on the pharmaceutical company of Moldova new producers of high quality medicines. The company also cooperates actively with local producers of medicines, pharmacies and other public medical-sanitary institutions.



The company aims at ensuring the population with high quality medicines and parapharmaceutical, cosmetic and care products, food for children and providing information services. The main purpose of the company is to maintain a good life quality for patient by improving his/her health.



The staff of JV “Vinamex” L.L.C. is a united team of about 700 specialists. Its activity focuses on ensuring the large assortment of services and the quality of provided service. The employees of the company improve constantly their professional level and share their experience and knowledge with others. The representatives of the company participate permanently in different expositions, symposiums, conferences; they organize round tables with specialists. All these facts serve for a single purpose – to inform better the physicians and pharmacists about new physicians, their introduction in treating practice and disease prevention.


Pharmaceutical warehouse

In 2017, a new warehouse with a surface of 2600 square meters opened on the address 19 M. Dragan Street. The warehousing spaces are equipped with a central air conditioning system, newest monitoring technologies of warehousing conditions, appropriate equipment, IT system adapted requirements, vehicles specially equipped; staff trained according to the new requirements and standards. The warehouse and supply conditions meet the GDP requirements.


“Orient” pharmacies network

JV “Vinamex” L.L.C. is one of the first companies that launched the network of pharmacies named “Orient”. 80 pharmacies operate currently in the capital and in the regions of the republic. They are situated in places easily accessible to people. “Orient” pharmacies network has a large range of high quality and affordable price pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, with an assortment of almost 6000 names. You can find in “Orient” pharmacies a large range of high quality dermal-cosmetic products, hygiene products, food for children, cosmetic care products for mothers and children.

New employed pharmacists attend internal training courses in order to increase their professional knowledge: they learn more about new medicines, they improve their skills of service and communication with patients. Subsequently, when you visit our pharmacy, you will get safe and efficient medicines and obtain information about them.

“Orient” respects the traditions and the professionalism of pharmacists.

“Vinamex” and “Orient” is a team oriented to approach those that need us. We treat the patient mannerly and attentively. We focus on his/her requirements and needs and we put maximum effort in order to satisfy them.

The attitude toward the patient is the priority of our activity.

The health is the biggest treasure of human being, therefore it has to be preserved and protected!


Production department

In one of the network pharmacies (40 Dacia Av.), the production department of magistral formulas operates. It is necessarily equipped for the production of these prescriptions.

There are produced here, in aseptic conditions, exptemporal formulas, which are not industrially produced, but they are largely recommended by physicians and popular amongst patients.

There are produced and packed in the production department small series of magistral medicines and then they are delivered to Orient pharmacies (nasal, ophthalmic and auricular drops for grownups and children; solutions for external use, solutions and suspensions for internal use, mixtures, powder for internal and external use, ointments and liniments etc.). The pharmacies receive also prescriptions for the production of medicines according to the prescriptions of physicians.

The efficiency of magistral medicines have been shown in time; they have an affordable price and therefore, providing the pharmacies with them improves the life quality of patients.


The information system of the company allows:

  • To facilitate the accounting activity of goods in the warehouse and in the entire network of the company, considering the lots, the initial supplier, terms of validity, analyses data.
  • To ensure transparency of medicines circulation from the moment they are bought until they are delivered to the final consumer.
  • To rightsize the time and the expenditures when pharmacies and other medical-sanitary institutions order the goods from the warehouse. 99% of orders are made automatically.
  • To reduce the stress at work, eliminating therefore the possibility of an error.
  • To create reports for all compartments from network, general and individual.
  • To simplify the work with reimbursable prescriptions; all data are introduced in the program, allowing to pharmacist to serve rapidly and efficiently the patient.
  • To minimize the inventory time of stocks in pharmacies and warehouse.
  • To calculate automatically the retail and wholesale price, respecting the in force legislation and the catalog of prices.
  • To plan and to organize the delivery of goods from the warehouse depending on the region of the country, the day of the week and the time of the day.